Alumni Registration


This form needs to be completed if you plan to borrow Drury Design's camera from our office in NYC to make a VR film that will be entered into the 360 contest. 

Please note:  Film submissions do not need to be shot with the 360fly camera. If you have access to other equipment or are making/have made a VR animation, you can skip this form and submit your film before May 3rd. 

Name *
Please share a video you've directed that you're proud of
Please put the dates you'd like to borrow the 360fly camera for shooting. You can use the camera for a maximum of 2 days within the month of April. Please give us a few options in case there are conflicts with other filmmakers.
Terms & Conditions *
You agree to return the camera within two days to Drury Design's office at 49 West 27th Street, New York, NY. You also agree to use the camera specifically to shoot a short film that will be entered into the 360 VR Contest by May 3rd.