Camera & Workflow

The camera company, 360fly, is generously providing equipment for our contest participants.  360fly cameras and headsets will be available for check out in the equipment facilities of NYU Film & Television and RISD FAV. 

Below are some helpful links for working with the camera and 360º footage. 


For general information, visit 360fly's support page here:

Camera Manual

You will need desktop and mobile applications that can be downloaded here:

To learn 360 footage workflow, visit the 360fly forum here:



Your films will need to be submitted via an unlisted YouTube link. Be sure you use the 360 Video Metadata App to ensure that your video is recognized as an interactive 360º video. Follow the instructions in these links:

Recommended YouTube Upload Encoding Settings

Uploading 360º Videos to YouTube


Editing 360º footage in Adobe Premiere

  • To export an editable .mp4 file from the Director app, hold opt/alt + click the share button on each clip. 
    • Note: clicking the share button without pressing option will upload the file directly to social channels

Here are sequence settings to follow for Adobe Premier as well as a video tutorial:

Here's some sample 360 footage you can play with if you are looking to get familiar before shooting:  Sample Footage


loading videos onto mobile devices for testing and sharing

Add Videos to your IOS Device

Add Videos to your Android Device


360fly Tutorials