Production Supervision Guidelines


The most obvious rule: If any member of the crew feels unsafe, IT PROBABLY IS. Use common sense.

The following things are considered red flags and are NOT allowed in the filming of your project:

NO Prop Weapons: Guns, knives, explosives, including toys
NO Rooftops, Balconies, Bridges, and High Altitudes: Any shoots taking place on rooftops,

balconies, or any such property are not allowed.

NO Choreographed Fights & Physical Stunts: Any pushing or physical contact that could be considered a stunt is not allowed. Any scripted rough physical contact or fighting, including simulated combat, combat martial arts or combat­based dance is also not allowed.

NO Water Scenes: No scenes that depict swimming in, standing in, or filming near any body of water (lake, river, ocean, pier, creek, swimming pool, pond).

NO Fire, Pyrotechnics: No explosives or fire of any kind. If your actor is smoking, they must smoke an herbal cigarette and the area where they are smoking must be well ventilated. If you have a character drinking alcohol, they must use a non­alcoholic liquid inside of the actual beer or alcohol bottle and this must be confirmed in writing.

NO Physical Restraints: Any kind of use of rope, tape or handcuffs as a restraint is not allowed. This includes any restraints to movement or breathing such as gags, or plastic bags over an actor’s head.

No Nudity, Partial Nudity, Sexually Explicit Content: Any featured nudity, partial nudity, and/or sexually explicit content requires written consent from the actor(s) participating in the scene. UGFTV has a photo release available for this purpose, which can be found at­SAG+Actor+Release.

Location Guidelines

NO shooting in NYU Residence Halls and Other NYU Property.

  • Distance Limits: All shoot locations must be within a 100­mile radius of 721 Broadway, New York, NY 10003.

  • Transportation: Use of a personal or rental vehicle, such as one used to transport cast and crew, must carry a minimum of $1,000,000 in general liability coverage.

  • Public Property: You must follow all local government rules and regulations in regards to shooting/recording on public property,including the New York City Mayor's Office. In

general, you do not need a permit if you are shooting/recording on NYC property (including sidewalks),provided your production is of limited size scope and you are not: Blocking off sidewalks or streets, impeding pedestrian or street traffic, using lights, dolly track, or doing stunt work. Please contact park managers in advance before choosing to shoot/record in a park. For additional information aboutwhen a permit is needed, visit the Mayor's Office website at

  • Night Exteriors: You must follow local laws as stated above. No plugging in and staging of lighting equipment for exterior shoots.

  • Exits: When shooting/recording in a location, always identify exits and DO NOT put equipment in those exits.

  • 721 Broadway: No shooting/recording in 721 Broadway.

  • Subway: No shooting/recording in subways, trains, buses.

  • Boats: No shooting on boats, with the exception of public ferries where tourist photography is permitted (i.e. SIF, NY Waterway, etc.).

    Equipment Guidelines

  • Streets: Do not set up or hand­held equipment in the street for any reason.

  • Around Water: Discontinue the use of lights in rain or standing water.

  • Sandbags: Properly sandbag each light. Do not use a stand without a sandbag properly placed on correct leg

  • Ladders: Ladders cannot exceed 10 feet

  • Attire: Proper clothing is essential. Sneakers or boots are allowed, flip flops or sandals

    are not. Work gloves are required.

  • Loss or Theft: In case of equipment loss or theft, please report this immediately to the NYU Office of Public Safety at 212­998­2222, obtain a police report, and write a statement for the department. For further details see the Insurance Section at